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 The important stages of the negotiation of a mortgage loan

1. Make your case

ptichkaAnalysis of your building project: the acquirer will firstly transfer the details of his building project to Keasy. Depending on the financial and professional situation of the borrower, Keasy will prepare a perfect and realistic financial plan to propose a balanced case to our financial partners.

Identification of the best type of mortgage loan: our good understanding of the different mortgage solutions allows us to lead you to the right mortgage loans form, directly depending of your concrete expectations.

Preparation of your case: our team organizes all documents and proofs required by banks. A complete and realistic case will be very likely to catch attention of bankers and of the credit committee.

2. Identification of the good loan scheme

ptichkaOur independence by banks is an important tool for our negotiator function. Our experts assist the client in the choice of the good loan or house savings form. Our goal is to optimize your way of repayment, to lighten your monthly payments and to allow you to save bank charges while earning a maximum of time. Mortgage prepayments terms at a fixed rate are also part of our negotiating objectives.

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